Floral Throw Pillows

This is a follow up to this post on abstract/geo throw pillows. I have one more throw pillow post coming soon that will include solid/stripe/textured ideas. It may not seem like the most exciting content, but throw pillows can be tough to choose for your home. Stay tuned for that post because I will also be including pillow combo ideas! Many of the options below are covers only so be sure to pay attention to descriptions. Remember- the rule of thumb is you want inserts that are 2″ larger than the covers. So if your cover is 20″ go for an insert that is 22″. Down/down alternative are going to be your best choice for shape and movement of your pillow. If you need inserts Amazon has a set of 2 for only $30.

I hope some of these options inspire you! All links are affiliate. Have fun!

  1. Indoor/Outdoor Floral Pillow 2. Floral Grey Linen Pillow 3. Silk Embroidered Pillow 4. Floral Lumbar Pillow 5. Green Floral Pillow (comes in various colors) 6. Danville Floral Pillow 7. Terracotta Floral Pillow 8. Blue Grey Floral Pillow (have this and love it- great quality) 9. Indoor/Outdoor Floral Pillow 10. Floral Pillow 11. Amber and Ivory Floral Pillow (LOVE!!) 12. Indoor/Outdoor Neutral Floral Lumbar 13. Garden Floral Pillow 14. Blue and Gold Pillow 15. Silk Embroidered Lumbar 16. Linen Floral Lumbar Pillow 17. Yellow Vintage Style Lumbar 18. Farrell Floral Pillow 19. Flower Corduroy Pillow (so fun!)

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