The Guide to a pretty and functional mudroom

Now that my kids are back in school, I am finally getting around to updating and organizing our mudroom/laundry room. If you want to get straight to it, (affiliate) links are below! Our mudroom/laundry room is the first place we walk into from school/work/errands, etc. So we need a place to toss our shoes, backpacks, keys and the rest of our stuff. Right now our mudroom is not functional at all. So I’ve come up with a plan to make it more useful and functional for us. The main thing we need are hooks for backpacks, coats, purses, hats. The hooks pictured above come in a longer size, which I’m considering since I will also be hanging a couple of these baskets to use as a catchall. We also need a bench for my kids to have a place to sit and put shoes on. A boot tray isn’t the prettiest, but it’s necessary for us to keep shoes in one place and to catch any dirt so it doesn’t end up all over our house. Laundry basket for dirty socks, masks, sports clothes, whatever. Adding a mirror to our space also to have a place for one last check before heading out. And of course a cute rug to bring it all together! Did I miss anything, what would you add to your mudroom?

wall hooks | mirror | bench (shown here in gray) | rug | baskets | boot tray | laundry hamper

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