The Guide to Entryway Benches

We scoured the internet for the best entryway benches in a range of price points. These benches aren’t limited to just an entryway, they would be great for end of bed benches or mudrooms. Perfect for any space that may need a little extra seating or a statement piece. Scroll down for the full list with links! (affiliate links) Happy shopping!

  1. Shaker Dining Bench | 2. Verken Mid Century Modern Settee Bench | 3. Copan Mid Century Bench | 4. Latimer Bench | 5. Faria Bench in Natural | 6. Celine Bench | 7. Andes Bench | 8. HUIMO Entryway Bench | 9. Clara Entryway Bench | 10. Amna Bench | 11. Pax Grey Natural Bench | 12. Faux Suede Strap Camden Dining Bench | 13. Sally Bench | 14. Chanel in Licorice | 15. Gabriola in Ivory

Linen Upholstered Storage Bench

This beauty didn’t make the list initially, but I have to include it here because it’s just too good. Considering this for my own entryway. I love the mid-century look but still feels classic and high end. Especially love the storage this piece offers!

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